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Dean Tires

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Go the Distance

XNAMEX stocks a large inventory of Dean tires for customers in XFOCUSAREA1X, XFOCUSAREA2X, XFOCUSAREA3X, and surrounding areas. Choosing the best tire for your vehicle may be overwhelming, but we simplify your search by carrying only the highest quality and most reliable tires available.

Dean Tire has been the independent tire dealer’s value choice for over ninety years. In 2006, Dean merged in a joint venture with Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Limited, and the company introduced tires to China. Dean Tire has a long history and has a solid reputation for manufacturing durable, safe tires.

The merge with Cooper Chengshan has been vital for Dean Tires. Cooper Chengshan’s global headquarters have provided much support for the company, allowing Dean Tire to introduce tires all over the world. Each truck tire Dean produces is manufactured to sustain towing heavy loads at long distances.

Types of Dean Tires:

  • Heavy Truck Tires

Shop our online tire catalog to browse our selection of Dean tires.

Tires You Can Trust

After developing a formula for wear resistance performance, Dean Tire promises that drivers will experience longer tire mileage and durability. Dean tires are environmentally friendly, and most importantly, they are safe. No matter where you’re driving, Dean tires perform in any condition. With Dean tires, you are guaranteed a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Dean Tire is a leader in the replacement tires market for a reason. When you’re ready for new tires, contact us online to speak with one of our experts who will help you choose a durable set of tires from our stock of Dean tires.

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