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Silica Compound : Adding silica to the tread compound has proven to deliver better performance wet handling, prevent heat build-up, and longer mileage.
Made in Taiwan
Our latest tire technology, TTIC, delivers smoothness, speed, and safety.
M.P.O. (Magnified Performance Optimization) technology - for consistent performance throughout the tire's life.
Three Radius Tread Arcs deliver even pressure across the contact area.
Steel Sidewall and Belts enhance optimum performance in all temperatures.
Opti-Noise Technology provides a quiet and comfortable ride.
Aggressive uni-directional tread pattern enhances high speed stability and traction.
Unique shoulder block design ensures predictable handling in different driving conditions.
Wet Grip : Big-angled grooves design enhances excellent drainage and reinforced performance on wet grip.
Ha Oil Free

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