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Four main grooves enhances water dispersion to elevate stability and handling against hydroplaning.
Center rib directs on-centered momentum, provides comfort, and decreases tire wear.
Large ultra rigid blocks enhance on-road surface contact, deliver outstanding dry grip, and promote steering accuracy.
The fine-sliced blocks effectively lower noise level during on-road contact and increase riding comfort.
By appropriately crisscrossing patterns, it decreases noise level that is resulted by overlapping patterns.
Equipped with interconnected blocks between tire shoulder and blocks, thus provide a more balanced rigidity; at the same time, less noise, better comfort and overall safety have been enhanced. Uneven wear can also be efficiently controlled with such design.
Silica Compound : Adding silica to the tread compound has proven to deliver better performance wet handling, prevent heat build-up, and longer mileage.
Made in Taiwan
Wet Grip : Big-angled grooves design enhances excellent drainage and reinforced performance on wet grip.
Comfort : More impact & sidewall shock absorption design improves riding comfort.
Low Noise : Based on the sound waves mixing theory to decrease pitch-noise efficiently and also provides a more quiet tread.
Ha Oil Free

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