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Unique 2-in-1 pitch alignment pattern reduces noise levels at high speeds.
Central rib increases straight line stability and on-center feel.
Four main grooves disperse water effectively to prevent hydroplaning.
Large, solid shoulder blocks increase lateral grip and handling stability.
Innovative 3-D groove profile combined with a downstream line design enhances water dispersion and rubber-to-road contact.
Sidewalls enhanced with scorching flame design which adds to the fierce look to your car.
Silica Compound : Adding silica to the tread compound has proven to deliver better performance wet handling, prevent heat build-up, and longer mileage.
Made in Taiwan
Wet Grip : Big-angled grooves design enhances excellent drainage and reinforced performance on wet grip.
Low Noise : Based on the sound waves mixing theory to decrease pitch-noise efficiently and also provides a more quiet tread.
Ha Oil Free
SKU: 06BK7AFE is marked FRF - Federal Run Flat. FRF tires are specially designed to provide ability to proceed driving in case of tire damage or deflation. Sidewalls are reinforced with stiffer, more heat resistant rubber to support deflated tire, and to allow car travel safely to tire service point. Do not exceed 80km/h (50mph) speed limit, avoid severe cornering and minimize distance after tire deflation.

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